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While success with any human change method, including hypnosis can be affected by several variables such as the attitude, motivation, and cooperation of each individual client, Mental Impact Hypnosis proudly makes the following service guarantee for our Stop Smoking Program:

Upon completion of a client's paid program there will be absolutely no additional charges in the rare event that future sessions are required.  If a client requires any additional reinforcement, Mental Impact Hypnosis will provide it FREE of CHARGE until he or she has attained the desired results.

If ever the cravings return, or if the client one day picks up a cigarette, cigar, or chewing tobacco for any other reason, our services are available to the client.

We are 100% committed to supporting our clients to remain free from tobacco products for the rest of their long and healthy lives.

David Hoffman, CPH


How can we afford to offer a Lifetime Guarantee??

The reason we can afford to offer all our clients free back up sessions for life and still stay in business is because it is so rare that any of our clients need a second session!

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David Hoffman

Certified Professional Hypnotist

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Virtual Gastric Band Specialist


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