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Lifetime Service Guarantee

Our Written Service Guarantee: The Best in the Business

While success with any human change method, including hypnosis can be affected by several variables such as the attitude, motivation, and cooperation of each individual client, Mental Impact Hypnosis proudly makes the following service guarantee for our Stop Smoking Program:

Upon completion of a client's paid program there will be absolutely no additional charges in the rare event that future sessions are required. If a client requires any additional reinforcement, Mental Impact Hypnosis will provide it FREE of CHARGE until he or she has attained the desired results.

If ever the cravings return, or if the client one day picks up a cigarette, cigar, or chewing tobacco for any other reason, our services are available to the client.

We are 100% committed to supporting our clients to remain free from tobacco products for the rest of their long and healthy lives.

David Hoffman, CPH


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Results may vary from person to person. The services we provide use current information and hypnotic techniques appropriate and tailored to your situation. Our hypnotic processes and services are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. We provide information, education, and motivation that will guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself and living to your best potential.

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