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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility that can be used to reprogram your mind and body for success. The process involves reforming habits and behaviors, as well as beliefs, and feelings. Have you ever been so focused on an activity that you forgot about everything else? This is an example of a natural trance state. Most people have experienced this while watching a movie and becoming transfixed in the plot. Or working on a project and then noticed hours have passed, but it only seemed like minutes. Maybe you were extremely engaged in a book and someone startled you when they tried to get your attention.

Hypnosis is a tool that can be used to access the power of your mind and make powerful changes in your life. It is not manipulation, magic, or mind control. It is a natural state that you've experienced many times throughout your life.

Q: Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Yes! Hypnosis is a natural physiological state. Anyone can be hypnotized as long as they are willing to follow simple instructions. And a person will get the changes they want to the degree they are willing to get absorbed into the process. I use proven programs that are customize to your needs so you get the most benefit in the most efficient use of your time.

Q: Will I Lose Control?

No! Hypnosis a guided process and a state of mind that requires consent. You will not do anything that goes against your morals and cannot be made to tell secrets. You will be aware of what I am saying during the session, and can choose to accept or reject any suggestion I make.

One common misbelief about hypnosis is that a person may think that they are “too strong-willed” to be hypnotized. Actually the opposite is true. Higher intelligence and ability to focus makes it easier to go into hypnosis.

Q: Will I Be Asleep?

No. Hypnosis is actually a heightened state of awareness. A hypnotized person is fully aware of their surroundings. You may hear people talking, clocks, ventilation systems, or the traffic outside. Which just confirms you are alert and in control the entire time, and you will remember as much as you would from any normal conversation.

Q: Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

No. We all go in and out of hypnotic states on a daily basis. It's a natural part of how the human mind works. The American Medical Association has recognized the use of hypnosis since 1958. When practiced by a skilled, professional hypnotist it is completely safe.

The only time it can be dangerous is if you are listening to a hypnosis audio program while driving or operating machinery. There are no documented cases of hypnosis doing harm to a person.

Q: What Does It Feel Like?

There is no one feeling for hypnosis. It is a mental process, and asking what it feels like is like asking what thinking feel like. By definition, hypnosis is NOT a state of relaxation, but many times relaxation is used during a hypnosis session. It is TV and movies that created the misconception that hypnosis is a "magic feeling".

Many people are surprised at how normal the experience of hypnosis feels. To some it feels like a profound sense of relaxation, or a sense of floating. Others feel like they are sitting in a chair and the hypnotist is just talking to them. Whatever feeling you experience is the right feeling for you. As long as you follow instructions, and allow yourself to get absorbed into the experience you will get positive results.

Q: I Have A Friend Who Tried Hypnosis, And They Said It Didn’t Work – What Happened?

The success of hypnosis depends the client's desire to change and the skill of the hypnotist. 

There are cases where the client doesn't have a true desire to change. An example of this is a smoker who is only there because of a spouse or family member that pressured them. But if the smoker feels like they had enough, and wants to get rid of the habit controlling them, they are setup for success. People are individuals with their own set of circumstances and challenges.

Likewise for the best results the hypnosis session has to be custom for each person. At Mental Impact Hypnosis, the process starts with an interview before you come in for the session. We talk about your goals and challenges, and plan the session for the best results.

Q: How Long Does It Take?

Sessions vary depending on the client's goals, but are generally 60-90 minutes long. The hypnotic process will be 30-45 minutes of that time.

Rapid change with hypnosis is possible, but it is a process. We use proven protocols that are a brief series of sessions. This allows for customization for your specific needs, continued reinforcement, and self-hypnosis training. Our goal is to provide the most benefit in the most effective use of your time. Most people start seeing results after the first session.

NOTE: The smoking cessation protocol is a unique process that takes a little longer, but is complete in one session and has a Lifetime Guarantee.

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