David Hoffman

Certified Professional Hypnotist

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Virtual Gastric Band Specialist

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Bringing Leading Hypnotic Protocols To The St Louis Area

Welcome to Mental Impact Hypnosis

Whether you looking to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, or reach your Full Potential.  I'm here to help.  

We specialize in the latest and most effective smoking cessation and weight loss hypnotic protocols, customized to your personal needs.  With a proven 90 - 95% success rate, these protocols can help you reach your goals, even if you feel you've tried everything before.

Hypnosis is a natural state that can help you take control over areas of your life you may feel are currently out of control, or that you just want help changing.   Some of the areas that Hypnosis can help with are:  improving feelings,  behaviors, habits, and performance.

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More Than Hypnosis
95% Success Rate, No Drugs, No Withdrawals, Lifetime Guarantee

95% Success Rate In Clinical Trial, Not a Diet, Drug-Free

Clear Blocks and Reach Your Full Potential

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